Morton Mandan Public Library

The Morton Mandan Public Library (MMPL) was founded in 2007 when the Morton County and Mandan libraries merged. The merger paved the way for the library to reduce expenses and expand services.

Today, the MMPL serves not only the county’s 32,000 residents but also attracts visitors. Committed to offering free and accessible resources, the library takes pride in its mission to educate, entertain, and enrich lives, aspiring to build an inclusive community of lifelong learners. In an effort to achieve its mission, the MMPL extends beyond traditional lending services. They host diverse activities, provide free WiFi, grant access to computers, offer park passes, maintain a bookmobile, and more.

The Challenge

When the Morton County and Mandan libraries merged, both entities brought their individual brand elements, resulting in inconsistent branding. The inconsistent branding created extra work and stress for staff, and caused confusion for guests. Additionally, staff realized that their marketing efforts were futile because there were too many aspects of the library to talk about. Lastly, the library was in the process of rebuilding their facility and renovating the interior. Staff decided that establishing a clear and concise brand was paramount to creating an enjoyable visitor experience both online and in-person. Streamlining the brand and creating a focused identity became imperative.

The Solutions

Recognizing the importance of a clear vision and brand identity, the MMPL approached the Good Kids for assistance. They aspired to redefine the conventional notion of what a library is. While libraries are commonly associated with silence and reading, the MMPL sought to transform their identity as a library into a vibrant environment that encouraged learning out loud. Their goal was to create a place for laughter, learning, sharing, and experiencing – a setting so inviting that people felt compelled to get comfortable and stay awhile.

Armed with a deep understanding of what the MPPL hoped for their future, the Good Kids began by developing their brand strategy. The first step towards a comprehensive strategy was initiating a survey targeting the local community and library patrons to gather insights. Many key insights were gleaned from the survey including the library’s target audience, information about patron’s preferences for resources and services, and any hesitations they had about visiting the library. The survey results enabled the Good Kids to pinpoint the precise target audience of the MMPL and gain an understanding of their desires for the future of their local library. This newfound clarity allowed the Good Kids to create a brand that engaged and resonated with the target audience.

Building upon this strategic foundation, the Good Kids refined the MMPL’s wordmark, expanded the brand’s color palette, and created custom illustrations. Adhering to the library’s value of inclusivity, the Good Kids added a font to their toolkit created intentionally for people with Dyslexia. The logo maintained some original characteristics and was invigorated with an updated appearance. The Good Kids expanded on the MMPL’s widely known and respected color palette by adding refreshing and playful colors. In addition to the overarching logo, three branded sub-logos were created to differentiate subsections within the library including the kids, teens, and adults sections. 

The Results

After turning a new page, the MMPL’s rebrand was accepted with open arms from the community and patrons. The updated brand identity communicated the library’s mission to become a place for learning out loud. Staff now have a brand identity toolkit, complete with assets, instructions, and use cases, that promote consistent branding and clearly identifiable imagery for guests. The unified brand identity enables efficient and effective communication, strengthening the library’s connection with its patrons and friends.


Morton Mandan Public Library

"As always, The Good Kids have been delightful to work with and provided great information and suggestions."

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