Let’s Build The Next Big Thing

Have you ever considered rebranding but weren’t sure know where to start? Or maybe you’ve tried but your calendar is just too full? You’re in the right place.

This might be for you if…

+ You’re tired of an inconsistent and outdated brand that doesn’t mean anything.

+ You’re stressed out because sales are slacking and you spend too much time dealing with customers that don’t see the value.

+ You’re overwhelmed trying to figure out what makes the brand’s offering unique.

and you’re ready to…

+ Quickly and consistently communicate an authentic brand story that customers can trust.

+ Have your marketing funnel plump full of ideal clients you can’t wait to work with.

+ Confidently stand out in the marketplace with massive sales quarter after quarter.

ready to jump in?

Book Your Personalized Workshop

Get started on building a strategic brand blueprint by scheduling a 1-on-1 Branding Workshop with you and your team. Once a date is chosen, we will reach out with next steps and the proposal.

Our Unique Framework

Discover Your Unique Brand Story

We look at the full picture behind your brand to ensure the blueprint by analyzing the four C’s: Company, Consumer, Competition, and Creative.

The intersection of these four elements gives rise to the distinctive brand blueprint that encapsulates your company’s authentic identity.

With your blueprint in hand, we can begin creating visuals and messaging to tell the most original and effective brand story.

The 10-Day Brand Blueprint


We’ll hunker down together for three hours and learn everything we can about the brand using personalized guided exercises.

Custom blueprint presentation

We’ll create a custom brand blueprint that covers everything from your brand story and its unique personality to the ideal audience and differentiator.

3 visual brand explorations

Using our discoveries, we will create three distinct visual themes that tell the brand story (and stand out) that influences the visual brand identity to come.

Plus some sweet bonuses…

2 Brand Scoring Quizzes
24-Page Guided Workbook
12 Brand Personality Profiles

get started

Consistently Tell Your Story

Take advantage of the power behind a compelling brand story today. Begin your branding journey and receive a custom brand blueprint just 10-days later for $4,000.

Client Success Stories

the ROI of branding

People are 22 times more likely to remember a story versus statistics and stories increase conversions by 30%.

88% of customers say that an authentic brand story is key when deciding what brands to support.

Companies with a compelling brand story have a 20% increase in customer loyalty for reoccurring purchases.

you’re just 10 days away

Stand Out From The Crowd

The world is waiting for what you’re building, they just don’t know it yet. Get started today and walk away with a complete action plan 10-days later for $4,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re in the right place. The Brand Blueprint lets us evaluate the current brand through the lens of your ideal consumer in order to find the gaps so we can strategically recommend where to focus your branding efforts.

We know you're busy so we've designed the process to be easy and require as little of your time as possible. You can expect to set aside 3-hours for the branding workshop with your team and then we will schedule a 1.5 hour presentation meeting roughly 10-days later so we can share the final brand blueprint with you.

The Brand Blueprint is a great opportunity to take a step back as a team, evaluate what’s working and what’s not, and ensure the brand story is effective so can you have confidence that all marketing efforts will produce an ROI. We invite and recommend that all marketing leaders are a part of the process from beginning to end so they can help execute on the Blueprint’s action plan.

Please do! We do our best to cater to your team’s schedule so if you need a different workshop date, just let us know upon signing up at hello@thegoodkids.co and we will do our best to schedule accordingly. Sign up for the Brand Blueprint here.

We see the greatest success when all decision makers and key stakeholders are present. Not only do they get to share their vision with us, but it’s also a great opportunity for your internal team to get on the same page.

We do a thorough analysis of the company, the consumer, the market, and end with creative recommendations to bring your brand story to life. The final blueprint is 60+ pages of research, insights, and custom recommendations from our expert brand strategists. If you'd like to see a real-life example, you can request one by emailing ashton@thegoodkids.co.

Heck yes! Our strategic approach towards building effective and engaging visual brands always begins with a Brand Blueprint so it’s designed to be the first step.