Chuppe Health

Three decades ago, brothers Greg and Steve Chuppe hung the first shingle at their newly established chiropractic clinic, Chuppe Chiropractic. They were filled with hopes for the future and dreams of business success. Over time, their vision for the business came to fruition. The clinic now hosts six doctors, and a team of talented individuals offering a variety of services like acupuncture, nutrition coaching, physical therapy and kinesio taping. Chuppe Health is on a unique mission to serve moms who prioritize physical activity for their families.

Logo History

The Challenge

Chuppe Chiropractic approached the Good Kids with hopes of attracting new clients to their business. With the clinic’s owners on the verge of retirement, they envisioned a brand that would resonate with and connect to future generations. They hoped to create a brand that would not only honor the legacy they had established but also attract new patients for years to come. Additionally, the clinic’s existing brand no longer encompassed the full range of services they offered. To regain their competitive edge and ensure future success, Chuppe Chiropractic sought the expertise of The Good Kids.

Samples of Old Identity

The Solutions

Almost immediately after beginning to work closely Chuppe Health, the Good Kids noticed a brand discrepancy. It became clear that Chuppe Health’s previous business name (Chuppe Chiropractic) was being used alongside the new name. This inconsistency was causing confusion and poor brand perception.

To mitigate this issue, the Good Kids performed a name audit to identify where name inconsistencies were occurring. The Good Kids surveyed all of Chuppe Health’s collateral, social media, and website to root out the inconsistencies. This insight empowered Chuppe Health to take charge of their business name so they could begin showing up consistently.

After addressing the name inconsistencies, it was time to devise a strategy. Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive rebranding strategy, the Good Kids approached the challenge with care and creativity. The first step in the process was conducting a thorough survey to better understand Chuppe Chiropractic’s target audience. This invaluable data provided insights into the preferences, needs, and pain points of the community they served.

Armed with this knowledge, the Good Kids developed a brand blueprint that encompassed a multifaceted approach. Included in the blueprint were the brand’s archetypes, a detailed market analysis, and visual and messaging opportunities to connect with the audience.

Logo System

With the blueprint complete, the Good Kids embarked on refreshing the brand. It was immediately clear that it was necessary to retain some elements of the original brand to preserve familiarity. However, the addition of modern visual elements, new typography, and visually appealing patterns revitalized the brand while maintaining the integrity of the original brand.

Icon Exploration
Final Icon/Logo

The brand transformation didn’t stop at the visual aspects. The Good Kids extended the rebranding to tangible experiences by creating a suite of collateral. This included a vibrant transit bus decal, engaging trade show booth materials, a professional stationery suite to ensure consistency in communication, and striking interior and exterior signage that reflected the new brand’s essence. To personalize the Chuppe client experience, the Good Kids designed name tags and a thoughtful client welcome kit, making each client feel valued and appreciated.

“Active Shapes” Design Elements

The Results

Today, Chuppe Health consistently attracts new clients with their modern brand and inviting exterior signage. They continue to partner with the Good Kids for all their branding needs and projects. If you’re looking to establish a relationship with a holistic health clinic, you’re welcome to attend their open house this autumn. Visit their website to learn more about the event and the services they offer.

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