Who We are

Small Team, Big Results

The Good Kids started in 2019 as a space for independent creatives to work together for common goals. Our small group of mixed creative disciplines shared a passion for the entrepreneurial community and knew we could help beyond simply creating good logos. A year and some change later, Ashton Hauff and Ben Brick started to build their dedicated branding team that would serve the greater good from the heart of downtown Bismarck, North Dakota.

Today, The Good Kids is a design studio that build brands for connection, disruption, and good. Our small but mighty team helps clients create an engaging brand that connects them to their ideal audience in a meaningful way before any marketing efforts are initiated.

Great work doesn’t require a big team, it takes a good team. Together, we’re problem solvers and creative thinkers that build brands that stand out.

Through captivating, consistent visuals and compelling messaging that tells a greater story, our work achieves more than simply “looking good” and rather solves the larger goal of bringing people together. Brands that create shared experiences get recognized and build loyal followings, all resulting in greater business success. It’s how we change the world one brand at a time.

Awards & Recognition

Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed