Sip on a new seltzer this summer

Since it first bubbled on the scene in 2016, Truly Hard Seltzer has featured classic flavors like lime, berry, and tropical punch. In 2023, Truly underwent a rigorous strategic plan, during which it was determined that more than half of Truly’s sales are attributed to the Midwest. This data inspired them to honor the fans in America’s Breadbasket by releasing a variety pack that pays homage to the region’s rich cuisine. 

Truly Hard Seltzer reached out to the Good Kids to design labels for their new lineup. Who better to translate the flavors of the Heartland into captivating label designs than those who call it home? With our understanding of the Midwest and a shared passion for bold packaging, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to bring Truly’s vision to life.

Joining Truly’s lineup of 30 flavors is Tater Tot Hotdish, Deviled Eggs, Sauerkraut & Sausage, and Scotcharoo. The brand intentionally chose these four flavors to provide consumers with a full MIdwestern dining experience — from appetizer to dessert. This expertly-crafted combination of flavors allows you to bring the entire potluck to the party, with just a single case of Truly Midwest!

Can’t quite imagine the flavor explosion waiting in this party pack?

Allow us to paint a picture with flavor testimonials from excited fans:

Deviled Eggs

“Truly took an iconic Midwestern party food and transformed it into a refreshing seltzer experience! Picture yourself sipping on the tangy goodness of Deviled Eggs, with just the right amount of mustard zing that keeps you coming back for more.” – Ava H.

Tater Tot Hotdish

“The Tater Tot Hotdish seltzer encapsulates everything I love about my region’s culinary heritage. Picture the comfort of a hearty casserole, combined with the effervescent refreshment of Truly Seltzer. It’s a match made in Midwestern heaven!” – Parker L.

Sausage & Sauerkraut

“The Sausage & Sauerkraut transported me straight to my Grandma’s kitchen! It’s a sensation unlike any other! The bold flavors of fermented cabbage and Cloverdale sausage pair perfectly with the crisp fizz of Truly Seltzer. Delicious!” – Jack B.


“Truly’s Scotcharoo seltzer captures the classic flavor of the homemade treats we all know and love. It boasts notes of rich chocolate, creamy peanut butter, and a hint of butterscotch. Delectable.” – Emily M.

How did Truly capture these unique flavors in a can? 

We don’t have all the details of the distilling process, but we imagine it involves a generous serving of grandma’s love, a splash of unwavering work ethic, a dash of Midwest nice, and (of course) cane sugar-derived alcohol. 

The new line certainly doesn’t skimp on flavor. Unlike their traditional 100-calorie beverages, Truly Midwest boasts a whopping average of 400 calories per can.

But who can put a calorie count on nostalgia? 

So, where will your Truly Midwest take you?

Grab a pack whenever you want to embark on a Midwest adventure.

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It’s perfect for: 

  • Cheers-ing around a campfire
  • Sippin’ while supporting your favorite football team
  • Crackin’ open after day in the field with your bird dog
  • Anytime you need a little Midwest charm in your life

If you’re feeling uneasy about the flavors, North Dakota-born actor, Josh Duhamel, encourages you to think again: 

“This isn’t your average seltzer. But Midwesterners aren’t average folks. Take my word for it, you gotta’ get your hands on this.”

-Josh Duhamel

Whether you’re a born-and-bred Midwesterner or just someone who appreciates a good flavor adventure, join us in raising a can to Truly Midwest — where every sip is a taste of home! 

Visit your local liquor store to get your hands on it today.

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