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We are a Midwest design studio that builds brands for connection, disruption, and good.

We help businesses build (and rebuild) their reputation, which begins with understanding who they are as a company, who their ideal customers are and what needs to be done to bring the two together. Using high-end visuals and messaging that resonates, the result of our work goes beyond “looking good” and rather solves the larger goal of bringing people together. We live off seeing new relationships formed over genuine moments of glee. In return, the new brand gets noticed and allows companies to consistently stand out and find greater success.

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Meet the Team

Ben Brick

Ben Brick is a co-founder, creative director and illustrator. The descendant of a long line of Midwest farmers who loved to sketch, Ben's upbringing included artistic influences and storytelling. Today, Ben specializes in breathing life into brands; he has a knack for creating illustrated characters that evoke emotion and connection. He’s wildly artistic, gritty and brings a whimsical quality to everything he does.

Ashton Hauff

Ashton Hauff is a co-founder, strategy director and visual designer. She grew up the daughter of a fine artist and a software engineer in Bismarck, ND so she has a knack for tackling left-meets-right-brain challenges. Today, Ashton specializes in creating a strategic roadmap for brands so businesses can succeed in their long-term goals. Her work is intentional, researched and highly creative.

Jackson Murphy

Jackson Murphy is a graphic designer. He is a Bis-Man native that wants the world around him to be better designed. His innate passion for graphic design was first apparent when he spent his time after elementary school on his grandmother’s computer, redesigning popular logos into new ones. Today, Jackson specializes in creating tailor-made designs built to stand the test of time. His work is unambiguous, purposeful, and clean.

Sophia Jilek

Sophia Jilek is a junior graphic designer. She has been a creative since birth and has been described as a free spirit. Growing up, she was constantly getting in trouble for doodling in her notebook instead of taking notes. By time she got older, she realized she could make a career out of it and the rest is history. Today, Sophia specializes in engaging illustrations and dynamic web design. Her work is artful, organic, and purposeful.

Simone Marchus

Simone Marchus is a project manager. She has a knack for supporting people however possible and a love for seeing things to completion. Her formative years were spent singing, acting, writing and creating with her twin sister. She’s happiest when she’s building connections and working toward a common goal. Today, she specializes in benevolence and being your personal cheerleader. Her work is encouraging and purposeful.

Rebecca Brick

Rebecca Brick is our part-time office administrator. She grew up in British Columbia hiking mountain trails and skating on ponds. She brings a free spirit and love for community to our team. If you are greeted by her black lab when you knock on our door, Rebecca is not far behind to greet you as well. Her talent keeps this brand machine runnin'!

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Can you make a logo?

Dang right we could whip you up a logo. Some say we're pretty good at it too. The magic starts with a brand strategy to understand your goals, mission, vision and values. With a strategy in place, we can help you hit your goals while looking the part.

I could use your help. Where do I start?

Heck yeah! The first step is to contact us. Oftentimes, we will send a simple questionnaire to learn more followed by an in-person Discovery Meeting so we can learn how we can help you and your team. Afterwards, we will create a custom proposal for your specific project. If everything looks good, just sign the dotted line and we’ll be ready to go!

What is your design process like?

We believe design shines when form meets function. As a result, every project begins with research and data in order to make intentional, strategic choices when it comes to the visual appearance of a piece. Then we add in a bit of whimsy and ‘walla’, you have the finished product!

But in all seriousness, here’s how a typical project process looks:
Discovery Meeting > Research > Strategy > Design > Launch. Collaboration with clients and attention to detail is key throughout the process as we have multiple checkpoints to ensure a happy ending and final products that meet your goals.

Why do you keep your studio in the Midwest?

Native to North Dakota, both Ben and Ashton take great pride in the creation and continuation of a company based in Bismarck-Mandan. The Midwest tends to be an overlooked asset for creatives and we personally know countless world-class folks doing exceptional work right here. The Good Kids aims to build awareness of the talent found here and it’s also a really great place to live! Basically, we just really love the people here.

How long does the branding process typically take?

Our strategic branding process typically takes 2-4 months to go from first conversation to final result. You'll walk away with a full brand kit to put in action. Additional materials such as signage, stationary, website can be created following the completed brand process.

Who has the best mustache in the office?

Thankfully Ben wins this one without question ;)

Do you offer marketing and advertising services?

Our expertise is branding, which is often the step before (or in tangent with) marketing and advertising. The Good Kids is committed to building a company's brand identity (colors, fonts, patterns, icons, imagery and messaging) for use in marketing and advertising campaigns. While we can certainly create ads, we prefer to outsource campaign strategy and placement to our peers who focus on that aspect of the industry. Items we are accustomed to readily producing for clients include: websites, packaging, photography, stationery, book covers, menus and illustrations.

Why should I invest in branding?

While there’s many different reasons to take a step back and come up with a strategic game plan for your business (aka branding), it often boils down to presenting a consistent experience for your customer, standing out from even your closest competitors, and ultimately gaining the confidence you need to make bold business decisions (and avoid wasting time). Branding is a proven tool to help you grow your business and we’d love to show you how it can help hit your specific goals.

What are your rates?

The Good Kids bids each project on its own merits. While it’d be convenient to throw out a price list, it wouldn't be fair...to you. We want to make sure we do just the right amount of work to reach your goals. The way to ensure we don’t work too little or too much is through custom quotes.

Can we come visit your studio?

Of course! We just ask that you email us and set up an appointment first. Sometimes we host ‘happy hour’ on Friday afternoons or design meetups on occasion. It’s a fun time. Stop by and say hello.

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