The Hair Academy, a cosmetology school located in Bismarck, had a rich history of success since its beginnings in 2005 led by Carol Bosch and Kristin Schmidt. Over the years, the school has gained recognition and attracted students from across the state, helping more than 900 students graduate and build their dream careers. In 2021, Bosch and Schmidt retired and the legacy of The Hair Academy was carried forward by Bosch’s daughter, Sam Shoults and her business partner, Andrea Birst. The transition in ownership reflected the school’s commitment to creating a familiar environment and desire to build upon the values established by its founders.

The Challenge

The Hair Academy, being the only cosmetology school in the area dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere and inclusive culture, faced challenges related to an outdated brand that needed renewing from the inside out. 

In addition to the antiquated brand, The Hair Academy faced a unique challenge internally. Through the brand strategy survey, the Good Kids discovered that current student’s perception of the academy was impacted by drama. In order to encourage greater student perception, The Hair Academy also needed the new brand to exemplify that leadership was deeply invested in each student’s personal experience. 

The school wanted to both enhance its visual identity to align with its commitment to academic excellence while fostering a brand that resonates with prospective students and clients. In order to do so, the academy needed a fresh, higher-end brand that was as sharp as their shears. 

The Solutions

To address the branding challenges, The Hair Academy collaborated with the Good Kids. Through the brand strategy framework, the Good Kids gained insights into the school’s values and goals through the lens of their customers and students. They learned that The Hair Academy has three distinct key target audiences: prospective students seeking a career they love, current students at the academy, and clients who want quality services without breaking the bank.

Based on this insight, the Good Kids devised a brand strategy that centered around community, positivity and a transformational educational experience. The new goal of the rebrand was to position The Hair Academy as the premier destination for aspiring young cosmetologists seeking a supportive and respectful environment to develop their skills and pursue their dreams.

The first step in the brand transformation process involved redesigning The Hair Academy’s logo. The Good Kids aimed to capture the school’s professionalism without compromising creativity and fun. To do that, the Good Kids took inspiration from nuevo styles. A keen enough eye might notice how the “A” was designed to resemble a woman with flowing hair. The polished and playful logo symbolized the school’s commitment to both its student’s success and client’s satisfaction.

To strengthen the visual coherence of the brand, the Good Kids also developed a comprehensive toolkit including fonts, a color palette, a custom pattern and an icon. The brand identity assets ensured consistent representation across all marketing materials, reinforcing the Hair Academy’s professional image.

After solidifying The Hair Academy’s brand, a multitude of projects were completed to further the brand’s cohesiveness across the business. To help The Hair Academy better serve their clients, the Good Kids created branded pricing signage, as well as gift certificates and business cards. In addition to their suite of stationary materials, The Hair Academy needed the brand to be reflected in their exterior signage. The Good Kids designed an array of exterior signage options for The Hair Academy to choose from.The Good Kids and The Hair Academy collaborated until solidifying an exterior signage design that accurately reflected the brand and would draw attention to the building, effectively bringing in new clients.

The Results

The Good Kids successfully transformed The Hair Academy’s outdated brand into a vibrant, credible and impactful entity in the cosmetology sector. The revitalized brand of The Hair Academy helps attract students dedicated to their craft as well as clients seeking beauty services from a reputable and professional establishment. The brand transformation positioned The Hair Academy as a top-rated cosmetology school in the Midwest, recognized for its thorough and innovative curriculum.

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