Hey there, home owners! Picture this: you’re at home, minding your business, when suddenly… a leak in the basement! It happened to Trey, the brain behind Watchdog. But instead of just fixing it and moving on, Trey saw an opportunity. Using his tech skills, he cooked up an all-in-one home protection device. This gadget doesn’t just keep an eye on leaks; it’s like a personal guardian for your humble abode, monitoring everything from humidity to power outages.

Detection device

The Challenge

So, Watchdog was doing its thing, but Trey’s thinking big. He wanted to switch gears to a subscription-based model. In the throes of building his business, he realized the name Watchdog had already been trademarked. Before the subscriptions could start rolling in, he needed a name that screamed “trust me, I’ve got your back” to his customers. Easy, right?

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The Solution

So, what’s in a name? It might seem easy to land on a solid one, but we do our research (and more). In order for a name not to flop, you need a process that will help it soar. That’s where we come in with our four-step naming system.

1. The Strategy

We kicked things off with a deep dive into Watchdog’s vibe and where it’s headed. Strategy is the part of the process where we learn everything we can so we know what we need to build. We researched their goals, competition, customers, and learned key details.

Think a brainstorm sesh on steroids, that resulted in a brand blueprint full of insights. One of those insights was Watchdog’s target audiences: snowbirds, and busy homeowners.

During the research, we learned that a rebrand would work best if the name or brand message illustrated the result of using their product. The name would serve the company best if it leaned into the real world and suggestive side of naming, allowing new customers to visualize what life could look like.

We combined all the research to make a set of 5 words to tie decisions back to, and measure success. Core Brand Attributes helped us make every decision moving forward. This keeps collaboration focused and purposeful.

2. The Ideation

Next, we let the creative juices flow. Once we had a plan of action, the naming team began connecting all the dots, and throwing out names like confetti. It was intense, but fruitful.

Naming Brainstorming
Pros and Cons research

3. The Testing

To make sure our names weren’t just hot air, we gathered real feedback from real folks. We organized a focus group of relevant audience members and sent out a survey to the Good Kids’ Brand Influencer Club. Our focus group and survey gave us the inside scoop on what clicked with the target crowd.

Selected Survey Data

Can we slide into your DMs? The Brand Influencer Club is currently accepting members! In exchange for your opinions, we’ll give ya’ a shot at winning big giveaways!

4. The Research

No name’s worth squat if it’s tied up in legal mumbo jumbo. We did our homework to make sure our picks were squeaky clean. Plus, we checked the social handles and domains to make it official.

The Results

Drumroll, please! Watchdog, a fierce, formidable, and maybe a bit aggressive name for its audience has grown into something much more customer-focused and enjoyable as Snowbird Systems Inc.This name isn’t just catchy; it’s a whole mood. It speaks directly to the target audience and says, “Relax, we’ve got this.” With the new name, Snowbird is soaring to new heights in the home protection game.

Ready to fortify your fortress? Snowbird’s got your back!

Visual identity and Logo to come!

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Trey Welstad

Going through the naming process with the Good Kids was fantastic! They took the time to understand our brand needs and target audience, and came back with a list of creative, memorable names. We ended up choosing Snowbird Systems Inc., and we couldn't be happier. It's exactly what we needed – simple, mature, and speaks volumes about our brand.

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