Welcome back, folks! We’re excited to bring you the inside scoop on one of our most exciting projects to date: Wide Open Wonder. 

First, we’ll give a shout out to The Roosevelt Custer Regional Council. Founded in 1973, the council is dedicated to advancing prosperity and well-being across the eight counties of North Dakota’s Region 8. Their mission? Foster rural innovation, promote regional collaboration, nurture leadership, boost tourism, and drive economic and community development. Basically, they’re the superheroes of Southwest North Dakota, minus the capes. 

So, when they received a state grant to launch a workforce/residential campaign, they came to us to help make it happen. Their goal was simple but ambitious: encourage people from all over the U.S. to visit and explore the wonders of Region 8. Challenge accepted!

The Challenge

To achieve their mission of attracting residents and tourists to the southwest corner, The Roosevelt Custer Regional Council needed a compelling brand that would capture the essence of the region, and encourage residents to plant their roots there. The challenge was to create a brand that showcases the wide-open spaces and possibilities of the area.

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The Solution

Every epic journey starts with a solid plan, and ours was no different. We kicked things off with a comprehensive strategy. Developing the strategy allowed us to nail down the foundation for this trailblazing campaign, including the brand’s mission, vision, values, and target audiences: young professionals and adventurous moms. These are the folks who crave wide-open spaces and endless possibilities – exactly what Region 8 has in spades.


Next up: naming the campaign. We used our tried-and-true 4-step naming process. Think of it as a fun and slightly nerdy game show where creativity takes the spotlight. We brainstormed, we tested, and we fielded feedback from our focus group and brand influencer club. After rounds of deliberation, we landed on the perfect name: Wide Open Wonder. It’s inspiring, it’s evocative, and it captures the spirit of Region 8.

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With the name locked in, it was time to dive into the design phase. We started with three potential directions for the brand, each more exciting than the last. After careful consideration, we chose the direction that best reflected the limitless possibilities of Region 8.

The result? A wordmark that demands attention and a natural color palette of muted greens and browns – hues that are as inviting and serene as the North Dakota landscape itself. It’s a look that’s both grounded and inspiring, much like the region it represents.

Target Audiences

Logo System

Brand Assets

With the strategy, name, and design in place, it was time to bring everything together. We wrapped the brand in a neat little bow and created a website that’s as on-brand as it gets. Engaging and inspiring copywriting fills the site, encouraging tourists and potential workforce members to discover the magic of Region 8.

The Results

The stage is officially set for Wide Open Wonder to shine. The campaign is armed with a compelling brand, name, and website that captures the essence of Southwest North Dakota. 

Early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and there’s a buzz of excitement surrounding the campaign. With its strong foundation and vibrant brand, Region 8 is poised to welcome a new wave of adventurers and professionals ready to explore all the opportunities their future home has to offer.
Whether you’re a young professional looking for your next big adventure or a mom searching for the perfect place to explore with your kids, look no further than Region 8. There’s a whole wide world of wonder waiting for you. You can learn more about the region here.

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