It’s 2009, and the ND Teachers Support System (ND TSS) makes its grand entrance at the University of North Dakota. Their mission? To guide new educators with some good ol’ mentorship. The program’s initial success was so great that it soon became offered state-wide. Since then, it’s been a cornerstone in North Dakota’s quest to empower teachers, and build their confidence in the workplace.

The Challenge

After 15 years of continued success, ND TSS took a moment to reflect. They were proud to support nearly 50% of new educators every year, but hey, why stop there? The goal was to refresh the brand to speak directly to their key audiences: legislators and beginning educators. The challenge? Crafting a brand that not only appealed to both but also underscored their mission to uplift and empower educators right from the get-go.

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The Solutions

Every epic journey starts with a solid game plan. We kicked off ND TSS’s rebranding adventure by getting to know their market and mission like the back of our hand. During this deep dive, it hit us — the brand name just wasn’t sticking. For a brand aiming to reach specific audiences, that’s kind of a big deal.

Enter our 4-step naming strategy: a mix of strategic thinking, creative flair, and legal checks. The result? Say hello to ND RISE, which stands for Retaining, Inspiring, Supporting Educators. This catchy acronym makes the name easy to remember for both legislators and new teachers, while proudly flying the North Dakota flag.

Next up: visuals. We needed to ensure ND RISE’s brand colors reflected its brand attributes: professional, trustworthy, respectful, connected, and personable. We landed on a palette rich in earthy tones to mirror these attributes and give a nod to North Dakota’s natural beauty.

Color palette

The final logo is a showstopper, featuring a book and a rising sun. The fire within the sun symbolizes the passion of each educator, radiating through our community. Every element, from the logo to the brand guidelines, was carefully crafted to highlight ND RISE’s dedication to supporting educators on their journey.

New Logo
Logo lockups
brochure mockup

The Results

ND RISE’s rebranding journey has not only revitalized its image but also strengthened its mission and impact. By championing beginning teachers and transforming the future of education, ND RISE is truly rising to new heights, proving that with the right strategy, educators can change the world. The sky’s the limit for ND RISE, and the future looks brighter than ever!

brand bento box
additional brand elements

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