La Donna Gin

This brand concept was created as a collaborative challenge for the team at The Good Kids. We identified a market gap and built a brand to fill the greater need, all within a day. We hope it lends a full behind-the-scenes look at our unique approach to building brands.

Imagine this: it’s the long-awaited night for your girl’s night out. You’ve meticulously prepared by marking the date on your calendar, adorning yourself in a special outfit, and now you’ve found yourself at your destination. The only decision left is choosing your drink. Will it be a cosmopolitan, a margarita, or perhaps a glass of dry, red wine? Interestingly, gin is seldom featured in the list of preferred alcoholic beverages for women, but history might be able to explain this.

Three centuries ago, gin was a homemade remedy for the hardships faced by the lower classes, particularly women, who consumed it in large quantities to alleviate the pains of poverty. Dubbed with names like Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Ruin, and Mother’s Tears, gin gained notoriety for stories of women getting intoxicated and engaging in reckless behaviors. This era witnessed numerous arrests and convictions, primarily targeting women for excessive gin consumption, contributing to the stereotype of gin being associated with morally questionable and intoxicated women.

Suddenly in 1757, the narrative shifted when a grain shortage led to a halt in home gin production. From there, government taxation transformed gin from a symbol of poverty to a middle-class indulgence. Remarkably, it evolved further into a masculine drink, exemplified by iconic figures like James Bond and Humphrey Bogart. The team behind La Donna Gin decided it was time for spirited women to reclaim their spirit of choice: gin.

With a mission to celebrate boldness, sensuality, and the unconventional, La Donna Gin sought to offer more than just an Italian spirit; it aimed to stand as a testament to women who embrace their true desires and live life on their terms.

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The Challenge

In a male dominated market, La Donna Gin aimed to create a brand that spoke to the souls of women — specifically those who thrive in the midnight hours. She’s the sort of woman who laughs louder than most, dreams a little bigger, and lives with unbridled passion. But this kind of woman is often misunderstood — her persona has an air of mystery. Creating a brand that resonates with her and captures the essence of her mystique would be an undertaking.

The Solutions

Before we could begin, we delved into the soul of our muse by creating a target audience profile. We mapped out her desires, her fears, and her goals for an unapologetic life. Crafting her persona allowed us to understand what the brand needed to communicate in order to captivate our ideal consumer. 

After establishing exactly who La Donna needed to appeal to, it was time to complete an analysis of the market to ensure it stood out on the shelves. We reviewed the landscape, and sifted through the predictable parade of gin offerings. La Donna wouldn’t blend into the crowd; it would blaze a trail through the monotony. 

Rooted in the brand’s ethos, “Vivi il Momento (Live the Moment)” was established as the brand idea. The brand idea speaks to all aspects of the brand, therefore, La Donna Gin needed to encourage consumers to embrace the present and savor the experience. 

With our brand strategy in place, La Donna’s visual identity could begin. We had the opportunity to sculpt it from scratch, beginning with the bottle itself. The bottle shares a secret between itself and a discerning eye; if you allow your imagination to wander, you might notice the subtle silhouette of a woman’s pear-shaped body in the contours of the bottle. When it came to color, it was clear from the beginning that only one color of glass would suffice: one as dark as midnight.

But La Donna Gin’s sensual brand demanded more than just a dark hue. The custom wordmark, bold and unapologetic, shouts La Donna’s name, daring you to take notice. Her label was embellished with a bold, hand-drawn illustration bursting with life. Each hand-crafted mark hints at the botanical symphony waiting within. 

Today, the final product is a stark departure from the predictable rows of glass soldiers on the shelf. The brand now serves as a love letter to audacious women who refuse to comply with the cages of conventionality (martini glass in hand). 

Expected Results

Since its introduction, La Donna Gin has disrupted the market, captivating a niche audience seeking more than traditional spirits. The brand’s allure continues to resonate with those who crave a unique blend of flavors, a touch of rebellion, and an experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

In fact, La Donna speaks to the souls of so many that it successfully brought home a renowned award, presented by Spirits Magazine: the MEGAN (Most Esteemed Gin Across the Nation). Entries for the MEGAN undergo evaluation based on four criteria: packaging, flavor profile, mouthfeel, and brand experience. An experience is precisely what this brand offers. From the first sip, drinkers are transported into a world where inhibitions fade, and the spirit of celebration takes center stage. La Donna Gin isn’t just a beverage; it’s an invitation to savor the essence of liberated living. If you’re seeking something to make a party livelier, the gossip juicier, and the atmosphere more alluring, there’s only one option: La Donna Gin. 

*Although this concept was created as a collaborative challenge for the team at The Good Kids to show our full process, we believe that the actual results of this comprehensive brand package would yield similar results. With that being said, if you’re in the market for a gin brand… Let’s team up and see what we can make happen. 🥂

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