If you’re a business owner or have ever worked for a business (hello, everyone!), you might be familiar with the frustrations that stem from a lack of distinct processes and/or training. This is the obstacle that All In Development Company set out to solve. With a knack for holding people accountable, implementing strategic plans, and bringing businesses to their full financial potential, Kari Dunn and her team are changing teams from the inside out. 

Although the business itself was new to the market, Kari wasn’t a stranger to the business world. Through a previous entrepreneurial endeavor, KD Collaboration, Kari lead c-suite training, team retreats, executive coaching, and process optimization. Shortly after she established her new business, Kari recognized how vital a strong, professional brand was to attracting her desired clientele. This need brought her straight to the Good Kids.

The Problem

All In Development Company wanted to cultivate a solid brand; this could only be achieved by starting with an impenetrable strategy. The intricate details in the strategy (such as values, brand voice, and target audience) set a well-founded stage for the brand identity. 

With the strategy complete, and the business launch on the horizon, All In Development Company needed a full brand identity – logo, color palette, typography, and more. The brand needed to not only look good but also tell their story in a way that resonated with their target market.

The Solutions

Our journey began with our unique brand blueprint workshop. Through collaborative discussion, we unearthed All In Development’s core values, target audience, and brand aspirations. This became the foundation upon which we built.

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With the brand story set as “Your business partner that connects the dots,” it was time to dive into the visual process. We crafted three distinct design explorations, each showcasing a unique brand direction. These explorations provided a clear roadmap for the client to visualize the potential of their brand identity.

Logo Sketches and Ideation

Upon further discovery, we narrowed it down to two final design concepts. Both concepts embodied the brand attributes we identified during the blueprint: empowering, strategic, creative, bold, and refined. These concepts were specifically crafted to resonate with All In Development’s ideal clients: c-suite leaders and new business owners. 

Finally, one concept was selected. From there, we refined the color palette and created a distinct icon to further elevate the brand identity. The final flourish? Two integral brand elements, a pattern and texture, to add both depth and personality. 

Full Logo with Tagline
Icon lockups
Logo Wireframe
Brand Colors
Real life application

The Results

We’re thrilled to announce that All In Development Company recently started a NEW chapter by launching their brand into the world! Their brand identity, crafted with their core values in mind, resonates strongly with their target audiences. This has led to a surge in activity – they’re already busy training teams and propelling them towards their potential! 

Brand Mockups


Kari Dunn

I highly recommend turning to the Good Kids for your branding and strategy needs. It was truly invigorating to go 'all in' and immerse ourselves in the branding journey. The blueprint process was particularly enlightening; it provided invaluable insights and laid a solid foundation for success. I'm a planning nerd, so I deeply appreciated the this informative process. The thinking ahead really helped me. It's a game-changer for businesses striving to thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

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